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In working for our clients, we use the latest technologies available in the packaging industry. Taking care of the quality of our work, we use cutting-edge production and quality control systems. We are committed to continuous development in order to be able to carry out even the most customized orders.

We have sixteen production lines with a print width up to 530mm. We offer high and stable print quality in 12 colours. State-of-the-art solutions give us flexibility in machine configuration - integration in flexography and screen printing, embossing, cold stamping, laminating units, and end-of-line cameras. Due to the automatic registers system we obtain perfect vertical and horizontal registration.

A new Quality Control Laboratory is one of our recent investments in the printing house. Thanks to the systematic and multi-stage inspection we guarantee safe products that meet industry standards and requirements. We have modern equipment for conducting inspections and measurements of manufactured packaging. Laboratory equipment includes spectrophotometers, light chambers (daylight, UV, CWF, A, U30 TL84), INTEGRA 9500 barcode verifier, microscope, material strength testing device, burst tester.

Our professional graphic studio and an experienced team of Designer provide advice and assistance in the process of designing self-andhesive labels, shrink sleeve labels and laminated tubes.

A modern Flexo Kodak CTP system and production of polymer plates in High Definition technology allow printing in the highest resolution that can be achieved in Flexo technology. In addition, Computer To Plate processing of polymers using DuPont FAST technology and ESKO system – give us online control and approval of designs.

Possibility to print using water inks, UV inks, HR (heat resistant) inks and low migration inks.

Full repeatability and process oversight. Maintaining consistent print specifications and detailed control at every stage of production guarantee products that meet Customer’s specifications and expectations.

Ink lab - thanks to the computerized paint mixer, we provide color reproducibility and full archiving of formulas. Colors are selected to suit the surface and packaging used, as well as the filling of the product.

Finishes that impress

Precisely selected details determine high quality and attractivness of the product. CheMeS has a broad offer of ornaments, adjusted to the individual Clients‘ needs.

  • cold stamping/hot stamping
  • holograms
  • perlised varnish
  • tactile varnish
  • embossing
  • fluorescent additives
  • scented labels
  • fabric applications in the label
  • deep lens
  • perforations
  • lamination
  • numbering
  • low migration inks
  • labels with easy open system
  • alphanumeric codes
  • scratch labels
  • others
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